Anne N. Walther is a published author and lecturer who coined the phrase "divorce hangover" and brought it into the lexicon of divorce. Her book, "Divorce Hangover", deals successfully with the emotional aftereffects of divorce. It was published by Pocket Books in hard cover in 1991 and soft cover in 1992 and distributed throughout the U.K. It is considered one of the definitive texts on divorce and has received broad acceptance by professionals and individuals alike. Walther's frequent appearances on "Oprah Winfrey", CNN's Sonja Live", Cable Network's "Attitudes", NBC's "Jenny Jones" and countless other local television and radio interview shows in the U.S. and Canada have further established her as a recognized authority on the subject. Walther has a background in history and psychology and heads a divorce and career counseling firm. She was raised in Virginia and now lives in San Francisco with her husband and five children.