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"...an eminently practical approach that is 'guaranteed to work.'"
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"There's a lot of help out there for divorced people in the way of books...(but) the best book I've seen in a long time is DIVORCE HANGOVER."
Star (Tarrytown, NY)

"A step-by-step path to mental equilibrium, DIVORCE HANGOVER touts positive thinking, self-reliance, conflict resolution and a determined effort to create financial and emotional independence."
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  Divorce Hangover
A Successful Strategy to End the Emotional Aftermath of Divorce
by Anne Newton Walther, M.S.
($15.00, Trade Paperback Reprint; January 2001; ISBN: 0-9676703-1-4)

The data on divorce is dismal. The staggering losses and changes, and the fear of even greater ones to come, cause generational repercussions. Anne Newton Walther's seminal book DIVORCE HANGOVER reissued due to public demand, defines Divorce Hangover as the crippling condition that keeps the divorced from living life fully in the present and moving forward into the future.

Originally published in 1991 by Pocket Books and reprinted by them in mass-market paperback a year later, the aptly titled book and syndrome provided millions of sufferers with paths to overcome the unfinished emotional experience of divorce. Some of those readers wanted to understand the divorce process, complete it well, and avoid the hangover. Others wanted to recognize the hangover, discover its creation from the incomplete aspects of their divorce, pick up those "loose ends" and let go.

Walther provides the guidance to break free from destructive patterns that can develop in the aftermath of an unresolved divorce. Years of experience as a relationship counselor have proven to the author that only personal involvement -- and effort -- in the solutions can eliminate the hangover.

The case studies the author provides are aids, but it is the numerous Workbook Exercises provided at the end of each segment that are the true substance of the book.

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