Samples from
Divorce Hangover
A Successful Strategy to End the Emotional Aftermath of Divorce

by Anne Newton Walther, M.S.
($15.00, Trade Paperback Reprint; January 2001; ISBN: 0-9676703-1-4)
  A Sample of Divorce Symptoms

1.   Sarcasm - toward your ex-spouse, relationships in general, or marriage in particular

2.   Using the Children - to side with you or get information about their other parent

3.   Not Feeling - repressing all emotion to avoid pain

4.   Paralysis - not being able to take the first step toward a new job, new relationship, new interest, etc

5.   Holding On - even literally to objects of the past

6.   Unrealistic Expectations

7.   Blaming and Finding Fault

8.   Excessive Guilt - manifested in acceding to all demands of your kids and/or ex-spouse

9.   Self-pity or feeling victimized

10.   Living vicariously - through your children, your job, your situation

11.   And more, much more

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