It is not to be that simple. Eugenie's sympathies are engaged and her motives shift as she is drawn into the patriots' cause. Her mission is further complicated by her attraction to Bridger Goodrich, whose principles and loyalties are the exact opposite of hers; a British agent, one of the villains of the story, and ongoing natural and man-made disasters. To escape harm and detection, Eugenie must flee to the British colony of Bermuda. There she seeks to pursue her mission, only to find that the household that takes her in is not the safe haven she supposed but the seat of political conspiracy on the island. The leader of the conspiracy, her host Col. Henry Tucker, is plotting with the Americans to commit treason against the British Crown. In spite of physical danger that stalks her and her entanglement in the Tucker plot, Eugenie must find a way to carry out her mission.

The tale is a treat for the history buff and the general public hungering for a big scope, fast paced story. The text has been adapted as a screenplay and is a natural as a film as well as a best selling novel. Eugenie and the rest of the cast will not disappear into the mist at the conclusion of this material's life span. A sequel is in the works, another good romp, again based on a real event, this time during the French Revolution.

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