A TIME FOR TREASON is based on a true story. The fictional tale exploits the colorful times in colonial Virginia on the brink of the American Revolution. It leads up to an actual event that occurs when a political oligarchy on the British colony of Bermuda conspires to and commits treason with the American revolutionaries. Eugenie Devereux, a young French countess, is the lightening rod who propels the story from the beginning to its conclusion. The text is rich and fast moving. Eugenie matches her step with fictitious partners as well as notable figures of the time without missing a beat.

After five years, Comtesse Eugenie Devereux has the means to gain revenge against the British for her parents' death. Her mission in the colony of Virginia is to spy on the Americans and ferret out their true intentions. If they choose the road to revolution, she and her compatriots will champion the Americans' cause to the French Ministry and bring their arms and might to bear against the British.

It is not to be that simple.